Bangladesh Pharmacological Society is a professional organization of medical pharmacologists in Bangladesh, dedicated to advancing the field of pharmacology in teaching and promoting the rational use of drugs in the country. The society was established in 2006 with 95 members and we are now representing around 300 members within the country. The society is providing a platform for pharmacologists to exchange ideas and knowledge, collaborate on research projects, and promote the use of pharmacological principles in the healthcare sector in Bangladesh. The society organizes conferences, seminars, and workshops to provide opportunities for members to present their research and share ideas. Bangladesh Pharmacological Society also publishes an IMPACT FACTOR online journal, the "Bangladesh Journal of Pharmacology," to disseminate new and relevant information in the field. In addition to its educational activities, the society also provides advocacy and support for pharmacologists and related healthcare professionals in Bangladesh.



 Secretary General


 Prof. A. K. M. Nurul Anwar

 Dr. Md. Sayedur Rahman


 Prof. Md. Zahurul Haque

 Prof. Md. Ismail Khan


 Prof. Md. Ismail Khan

 Dr. Eliza Omar Eva


 Prof. Mir Misbahuddin

 Dr. Eliza Omar Eva


 Prof. Md. Sayedur Rahman

 Prof. Eliza Omar Eva